INSIIDE Track Trading

INSIIDE Track Intra-Month Update

The INSIIDE Track intra-month Update is a brief update geared to bridge the gap between issues of the monthly INSIIDE Track newsletter. It is updated by 9:00 PM (Central Time) around the 5th, 12th & 22nd of each month (specific dates for each month's IT Update provided in the preceding IT Update AND in the Re-Cap section of the preceding issue of INSIIDE Track ) and on any day the DJIA closes 200 points in either direction.

The INSIIDE Track Update focuses on the 3-5 week & 1-3 month trends, trades and analysis and is also able to convey any intra-month changes much quicker than the monthly newsletter - when it can still be capitalized on - for those intermediate term traders that want to stay in a little closer touch with the markets.

Since not all INSIIDE Track newsletter subscribers opt to also subscribe to the IT Update, the trades given in the newsletter and IT Update are separate and/or treated differently. This is to take into consideration the fact that newsletter-only subscribers will not be receiving the more timely updates available in the IT Update .

As a result, IT Update trades will frequently be exited quicker than those given in the newsletter since closer touch is maintained. This also means that stops given for newsletter-based traders are often wider (involving more risk but allowing a larger buffer to prevent premature whipsaws) than those given or revised in the intra-month Update.

Be careful to treat apples as apples and oranges as oranges. Do not mix the trades in the various publications unless you are attempting to provide a diversity of time frames in your portfolio (in which case both trades should be followed).

[NOTE: The INSIIDE Track Intra-Month Update is NOT The Weekly Re-Lay service. Please do not confuse the two as they are very different.]