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"Congratulations on a great market call on Gold"
P. W. - 01/24/14
"…[your work] is uncannily accurate, almost unbelievable."
M.F.B. - Ph.D. - 10/12/13
"All I can say is "WOW!" …I managed to hold on to some buys during the frightening drop, and it turned out that your cycles have been dead-on…brilliant analysis.
C. S. - 10/10/13
phenomenal work...No one else is as accurate as you have become."
George B. - 12/12/12

" had predicted events, and a time frame, that led to the collapse of the US markets in 2008."

Bobby R. - 4/29/11

"You have called every major zig and zag of the market with astounding and astonishing accuracy."

Ike Iossif - Interview - 8/28/10

"Listening to Hadik's interviews... helped me realize the top in 2007.

Kent A. - 5/13/10

"Congratulations on your market bottom call in early-March!"

Mike W. - 4/23/09
"...10 years I've been with you and you still rank as #1 in market forecasters...I know no one better."
Joe C. - 4/17/09

"After twenty years... no one I have read does cycle analysis with anywhere near the depth and breadth that you do.  Also, you provide LOTS of specific targets, comprehensive S/R work that is simply not available elsewhere."

David G. - 2/09/09

"...your timing is remarkable...when you say the Dow could lose up to 50% of its value..."

Donald S. - 9/15/08

"I've been a subscriber now since just before you forecast and pinpointed the top in the stock indices in 2000.  Then you caught the bottom in 2002. Your command of the big picture is unrivaled..."

Joe C. -- 11/17/06
"...Your analysis of the markets is as precise as I have seen anywhere.... Your Tech Tip Reference Library is very comprehensive, and much more precise in recognizing patterns, reversals, etc., than most newsletters and market advisers."
Jim W. -- 4/4/05
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Who Is Eric S. Hadik?

   First introduced to commodity futures in 1979-80, Eric S. Hadik is a trader & analyst who has been intimately involved with the markets for nearly 25 years. His first introduction to technical analysis came through Fibonacci Mathematics and the Elliott Wave Principle and he began trading in 1982.

    However, it was not until he discovered the works of W.D. Gann and Gann’s integration of Biblical and natural cycles that Eric knew he had discovered his life’s passion and purpose. It is this devotion that led one subscriber -- a professional money manager -- to state:

   "Your openness, generosity and love of the markets come through clearly in your writing. Your help is immensely appreciated."

   In the early 1980's, after trading his own accounts - while studying the markets and technical analysis for 5 years - Eric moved to Houston, Texas. He began working with a firm that specialized in training top level corporate and individual traders in the field of technical analysis.

   He wrote intra-day, daily and weekly technical analysis which was utilized by institutional traders from multi-national oil companies (BP, Enron, Arco, Occidental, Royal-Dutch Shell, SOHIO, Petro-Source, Petro-Diamond,) as well as traders from many mid-size oil refiners and producers.

   He soon added similar analysis on the foreign currencies, interest rate markets and stock indices that was used by top-20 banks (Chase Manhattan, Irving Trust) and stock brokerages. Finally, his work incorporated Gold & Silver analysis, which was used by traders at the top option trading firm in Chicago - CRT. He also organized and co-instructed weekend technical trading seminars.

   In 1989, Eric relocated to Northern California to work for a Chicago-based FCM providing daily and weekly analysis to precious metals miners, refiners and jewelry manufactures as well as for a major international brokerage. Among the relationships he developed with corporations using his analysis were those with Engelhard, Handy & Harman, Degussa, Amax Gold, Pegasus Gold, and dozens of smaller and mid-size miners in the US and Canada.

   From 1990-1994, Eric laid the groundwork for what is now INSIIDE Track Trading, dealing with and advising hundreds of individual and corporate traders while writing articles for diverse publications like Gann & Elliott Wave Magazine, Futures Magazine, Managed Futures Today, Cycles Magazine, The Technician & Trader’s World. Since then, he has also written extensively for Active Trader, Bull & Bear Financial Report and Futures Magazine.

   In 1994, Eric founded INSIIDE Track Trading with the expressed goal of teaching & sharing his work with qualified and serious traders, informing & educating investors and ultimately re-entering the field of managed futures.

   His work has caught the attention of several editors at Investor’s Business Daily, where he has been frequently quoted. He has also been a recurring guest on the weekly show 'Inside Wall Street' and has been contacted for analysis by editors at Barron's, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal as well as by commentators at CNBC, where he has made multiple appearances. (See Media Coverage page for dates and specifics.)

   "Eric has provided dozens of interviews that have been featured on the websites of ABC, CBS & Fox News affiliates, of major metropolitan newspapers (Boston Globe, etc.) and of numerous financial institutions. 

   However, his most specific, precise and timely analysis is reserved for his subscribers alone.  Please refer to other pages of this website for examples of his analysis... and...

   Thank you for your interest in our services!"

   Due to the tremendous time investments in trading, research and writing, Eric can not personally respond to all feedback, but does read - and greatly appreciates - all input from readers and subscribers and welcomes your comments...

Commodity futures trading involves substantial risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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